Passionate about nutrition, I appreciate the absolute necessity to form a sustained healthy diet as part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Passionate about nutrition, I appreciate the absolute necessity to form a sustained healthy diet as part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Exercise alone is not enough and with so many deceiving marketing tricks and fad diets available, it is almost impossible to distinguish which is good or bad. This is where I can help; I will take away the hassle and confusion, by giving you advice and nutritional plans specific to you and your goals. 

Ever tried one of the countless ‘quick fix’ diets now available? Lost a shed load of weight in the first 2-6 months, followed by a huge plateau? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Especially with nutrition, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! You should NEVER diet, instead, make changes to your nutritional choices that are both sensible and sustainable. 

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food...

Your health should be the single most important things in your life, and in-turn the food you eat should compliment this. FAD diets often lack essential Vitamins and Minerals, placing the body into ‘starvation mode’ and by causing metabolic damage will most likely result in the body reducing its ability to burn calories!

A well balanced, tailored, nutritional plan is key and with a bit of patience, hard-work and consistency, you will achieve your weight-loss / muscle-gain goals.


So what exactly is clean eating?

Clean eating is a simplistic, healthy and sustainable way of eating, and can become the way you do things in the kitchen, for life. Clean eating is based around eating whole, raw, un-processed foods. The idea is that the majority of your consumable macro and micro nutrients will either come from whole plant or animal based products that are free from any sort of added chemicals, preservatives etc etc.

One fundamental advantage of adopting this style of eating is that you can better understand and therefore control what you are putting into your body, and purely from a fitness based point of view can manage your nutrition to help you achieve a goal in the most efficient way possible. 

Unfortunately we live in a world of mass production and in order to save money, change taste and increase the shelf life of products a large proportion of what we see in the supermarkets will be processed to some degree. Quite often to avoid the negativity around this, the products are cleverly labelled to make us believe we are purchasing ‘healthy’ products. In many cases, this is not true. 

Therefore the most difficult aspect to clean eating is knowing how to choose the right foods, what to do with them and where to find them. Thereafter it’s about consistency and not allowing temptation to rule the lifestyle choices you make. 

Most of my clients will be put onto a clean eating detox, which has been designed to teach you what is and isn’t within the ‘clean eating’ category, helping you to develop your thought process when shopping and action in the kitchen! 


Below are some very simple ideas of the type of  'clean eating' meals you can make quickly, easily and without much cost involved.......


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