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With over ten years experience in the fitness industry I am privileged to be working in an environment I am so passionate about. Everyday I am given the opportunity to work with people to help them achieve their fitness goals. Work does not feel like work


With experience and qualifications in short and long distance running, football, gymnastics, weightlifting and nutrition, I come with a wealth of experience, and am in the best position to help you. 

After finishing at the University of Bath, where I completed my BSc in Sports Science I wanted to set-up my own business in the industry I love. Realising that when it comes to exercise and nutrition, we live in a world of confusion, often from where greedy companies use clever marketing ploys to promise unrealistic results and expectations.

From my own experience and knowledge I know that no single one of us is the same. We have different genetics, different abilities and all need to be coached and educated in our own specific way. Gyms are becoming increasingly impersonal and can be very intimidating if you don’t know what you are doing. 

This is when I set up my own Bristol based mobile personal training business with a difference. By offering bespoke individualised nutritional and training programmes I have helped a huge range of clients achieve their potential, understand their specific needs and the confidence to continue leading a lifestyle that is best suited to their individual needs. 

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Achieving your goal

My philosophy and belief is that no single person is the same and therefore, every plan I design should be specific to the client. Many trainers will take you through a generic workout and put you on the same nutritional plan as every other client. That is not what I do, your experience with me will be truly individualised and you will leave me with the knowledge and confidence to continue making the best lifestyle choices specific to you.

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By first taking a DNA swob from you and sending it to a sports laboratory for a full report, I will then create a completely personalised nutritional plan for you based on your genetics. Nutrition will remain a big focus for us throughout.

Every 4 weeks we will re-visit your measurements, these measurements will be in-depth and will not only help us to see the how we are progressing with your specific goal, but also how your overall health is improving as a result. Some of these measurements include your body-fat, muscle mass, BMR, BMI. water retention %, bone density, physique rating, visceral fat and even segmental muscle measurements (for any imbalances).

Although our sessions can be indoors, for the most part, our training sessions will be in a unique outdoor environment, using the latest fitness equipment and the most innovative training techniques. Each sessions will be challenging, but in a way that is relative to YOU, varied and most importantly, enjoyable.

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