What is DNA Fit?

DNA fit is a groundbreaking new test that uses genetics to help you to understand how to eat and train in the most efficient and effective way possible. This is not a new diet fad and is not the latest fitness and nutritional trend.


It is based purely on your DNA and is truly unique to you, and you only. 

It will help to highlight any nutritional imbalances you have, food limitations and, based on your personal goal will help me to recommend the best diet and exercise plan for you. Ultimately, it’s a small investment for a huge return, a return that you can’t get anywhere else

How is the test performed? 

Simply put, a swab of your saliva is taken before being sent to a sports lab for testing. Then, after 7-10 working days your full nutritional report will be sent to your trainer who will then take you through the findings before building you a personalised plan. Exciting stuff! 

So why is it important?

Science tells us that everyone is different, so why expect the same results when following the same diet or nutritional plan as everyone else?!

With DNA fit you will discover your intolerances and unique dietary needs, which with the help of an expert will form the basis of a truly ‘personalised’ nutritional and fitness plan. The plan will take into consideration, accurate macronutrient splits, meal timings and intolerances. 

The Benefits 

By uncovering this information you enable a bespoke plan to be formulated which will in empower you with the knowledge and tools to achieve your fitness goal in the most efficient manner. 

Based on a weight-loss study involving people who used DNA fit against those who did not showed some incredible results. There was in fact a 32% higher success rate amongst those who used the information from the DNA report.  

In addition to helping you achieve your fitness goals, there are numerous other benefits. For example, have you ever wondered why there are days when you feel are more fatigued than others? It could be a number of things, but quite often fatigue is fuelled by our dietary intake and can affect us in a big way. 

From my own experience with DNA fit, I would suggest that this is a very small investment, for a potentially life changing return!

The Cost